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What to consider when hiring an amusement device?

If you are hiring an amusement device such as a jumping castle for an event, here is a 14 point Hiring an Amusement Device Checklist. It will help you to ensure you are hiring a device that is safe and secure, and hiring it from a reputable company.

The checklist is applicable whether you are hiring an inflatable device with a trained supervisor, or hiring an inflatable device to supervise yourself.

This Hiring an Amusement Device Checklist is generic only. For more information you can access further details via this amusement devices link to SafeWork NSW.

Hiring an Amusement Device Checklist

You should ensure that:

  1. the device fits the area you have allocated, and the area is free of overhead power lines, overhanging trees, sloping ground etc;
  2. the device has been cleaned and maintained between hires;
  3. any electrical leads, generators etc have been appropriately inspected and tagged;
  4. you have been provided with instructions on proper operation of the device e.g. if you are not using a Bucking Events supervisor in your jumping castle hire, on booking we give you access to a video detailing how to monitor/supervise the inflatable, and how to ensure your users are safe (Bucking Events ground crew will deliver and install the inflatable);
  5. you have inspected the device prior to allowing patrons to use it to ensure it has no tears, trip obstacles, and it has appropriate safety signage;
  6. the device has been properly secured and instructions provided about what to do if the wind picks up e.g. as an extra safety measure, on delivery Bucking Events will provide you with a wind meter to monitor wind conditions on the day (deflate the device if the wind reaches 30km/hour), or you can use a Beaufort Scale – click this Beaufort Scale link.
  7. The installer should have completed an installation checklist (Bucking Events use an online checklist), and preferably you have gone through this checklist with the operator to ensure it has been completed.
  8. safety barriers have been set up where applicable;
  9. impact absorbing mats that are at least 50mm thick are placed at entry and exit points;
  10. you or the amusement company have an emergency exit plan in place;
  11. you are using a reputable amusement hire firm – check that they have an ABN, public liability insurance, and you received notice of your booking and an invoice;
  12. risk assessments are readily provided if necessary;
  13. if you are not using the amusement hire company staff to supervise the activity, that you have appropriate insurance coverage;
  14. when not in use, the device is stored safely prior to pick up by the amusement hire company.

Please be aware that in any industry, including ours, there are fly by night and disreputable operators. They might be cheap, but will take safety short cuts which put you and your children at risk. Their equipment will not be well maintained or safe, their staff will not be appropriately trained, and they will not have the correct insurance coverage.

Bucking Events, and our parent company Bubbling With Energy Entertainment (link) , have been in operation for over 27 years. We take pride in ensuring our equipment is safe and well maintained, and our staff are trained to help you have the best event possible.


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