There’s no need to get any more grey hairs when planning a successful event. Bucking Events has been involved with event planning for over 27 years. While every event is different, we have put together this Five P’s Guide which, from our experience, will assist you to have a very successful and memorable event

Planning a Successful Event

  • Plan, plan, plan. There’s an old saying “Fail to plan … plan to fail!”. It is so true in event planning.
  • If the event requires a committee, pick people who are event champions. Allocate jobs and positions to them based on their skills.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate. If you want grey hairs do it all yourself.
  • Don’t be a last minute planner e.g. the best annual events are those where the next years planning begins just before the previous event is enacted.
  • Before you start anything, know what your budget is? This will help you in negotiating with suppliers.

Paper Work

  • Does the event need to be registered with appropriate authorities e.g. council, police etc?
  • Is the event large enough to warrant insurance?
  • Develop a project plan covering when you have to book equipment, what marketing is required, when to have committee meetings etc

Purpose of Planning a Successful Event

  • Decide the purpose of your event e.g. fund raising; activating a product or service; a celebration; an end of year fun day; team building; etc.
  • Then, decide and book the event venue.
  • Decide a catchy name for your event. For example, one company we worked with had a team building day called “Mission Possible”. All the activities were team events that were challenging but “possible” for a team to accomplish. Camden Council hired a number of our inflatables for their event called “Bounce Town” – click this link for more information.
  • Decide who is your audience? This will influence your marketing initiatives e.g. teenagers won’t read the local newspaper but might pick up event details from FaceBook, Instagram, Catchy Posters, or Twitter. Hashtag the event.
  • Develop a successful event marketing plan. What’s the best way to reach the maximum audience? Newsletters, social media, posters, letters/emails to parents and followers, talks at schools etc, calls to local radio, editorial in the local papers – there are a myriad of marketing devices available. What will work for you? Throughout the planning phase, and right up to the day of the event, market, market, market!

Program Activities

  • Once you have an event name and purpose, it’s time to speak to Bucking Events about what amazing inflatables, obstacles courses, amusements, interactive activities, etc will best suit your event and budget.
  • Book the event amusements bearing in mind the space available, slope of the land, availability of power etc.
  • Decide on and book caterers.
  • If you are having event sponsors, make sure they feel important and are getting value for money.
  • As part of your marketing plan, ask suppliers and sponsors to market your event on their websites.

Program Safety

  • Start to develop a safety plan e.g. it needs to include what to do if a storm, bushfire etc hits in the middle of the event?
  • Are there sufficient toilet facilities at the venue, or do you need to hire “port a loo’s”?
  • Does the event warrant the presence of first aiders?
  • In planning a successful event, don’t forget to develop the event days program/timetable. For example, if the Mayor or a local celebrity is to officially open it who is liaising with that person, what time, how long are they speaking, have you booked audio equipment etc? This will impact on your event personnel, access issues for the amusement and other equipment hirers, and how smoothly the event runs on the day.
  • Automate as much of the event development as you can. If it will become an annual event this will help future planning.
  • After the event is finalised, seek feedback from your colleagues, amusement hirers, and the participants, so that next time it will be even more successful.

Finally, let Bucking Events work with you to plan your successful event.

Bucking Events, and our parent company Bubbling With Energy Entertainment , have been in operation for over 27 years. So, talk to us now about your next school fun day.

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