Back to School Activity Ideas

8 Popular Back To School Activity Ideas

The NSW Department of Education is encouraging schools to have activities to welcome students back to school. While excursions won’t be allowed due to Covid restrictions, incursions will be necessary to help students settle back in. Bubbling With Energy Entertainment have extensive experience in providing incursion amusements for schools.  Here are 8 popular incursion activity ideas to help you welcome your students back to school.

1 Jumping Castles

Imagine the squeals of delight as the children return to school and a jumping castle is waiting for them in the quadrangle? We have small, medium and large jumping castles. You can also have combo castles which have a bouncer, slide, ladder and pop ups to add to the back to school activity fun.

Also, why not have a theme day. We have Wiggles, Spiderman, Superheroes, Star Wars and heaps of other themed castles. Have the children dress up as say Superheroes and offer small prizes for the best outfits.

2 Water Slides

As summer approaches water slides are a fantastic addition to any welcome back to school event. Our water slides have exciting names like Adrenalin Rush, Wave Crush, Mammoth Mountain and The Screamer. The names give you an idea of how much fun they are.

Also, on cooler days dry slides such as Aqua Rush and The Monkey Slide are just as much fun.

Alternatively, what about a jumping castle with a slide? See our full range here.

3 Mobile Escape Rooms

Our inflatable mobile escape rooms are unique and heaps of fun. They are mobile so we bring the escape room activity to your venue. Teams of 4 to 6 players enter the room and have to solve a range of puzzles, quizzes and code breakers to get a code to unlock the Escape Room door. We have various themes including Alien, Heroes and Villains and Mission Possible.

Additionally we have educational escape room themes called Save the Planet and Save Nature.

4 Obstacle Courses

Challenge the returning students with a Radical Junior or Jurassic Adventure inflatable obstacle course.

5 Ninja Warrior Fun Run

You have seen the TV show. Well, here is our back to school activity ideas version. It’s called the Ninja Warped Wall and it’s a ton of excitement.

6 Mobile Video Gaming Trailer

Nintendo, Minecraft, Fortnite video games are all the rage at the moment. Our video gaming trailer is set up to take up to 20 players having gaming fun in air conditioned comfort. It’s modern fun in a modern way.

7 Inflatable Interactive Sports Games

Another welcome back to school activity idea is a sports day with inflatable interactive sports games. You can have soccer and footy shootouts, an inflatable beach volleyball arena or gladiator duels. Alternatively get the children to bring their nerf guns to school, and have a go at IPS target shooting.

8 Petting Farm

So, who doesn’t love a cute lamb or rabbit? Our popular petting farm activity is a great way to welcome kids back to school. Also it a great way to educate them about animal care.

Our professional staff are happy to provide advice on which activities will suit your school.

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