Popular Backyard Water Activities - Rapid Racer Water Slide

6 Popular Inflatable Backyard Water Activities in Sydney

Discover the six most popular water fun activities that will bring your backyard party to life. Indeed there’s no need to travel for water fun in the summer when you can have it at home. So get your kids excited and playing healthily with these popular water fun ideas.

6 Popular Backyard Water Activities

1 Inflatable Water Slides such as the Rapid Racer, Wave Crush and Whale Water Slide will wow your party-goers in the hot summer months.

2 Remember when you had a small plastic sheet for a slippery slide? Well, how about a 9m long Slip N Slide 2.0? Our Slip N Slide products are so popular as “all day” water fun activities.

3 You have seen Beach Volleyball at the Olympics. How about an inflatable Beach Volleyball Arena. We set it up in your back yard and the fun begins. It’s also great because instead of falling on hard sand, you land on an inflatable bouncer.

4 Jumping castles with a slide and pool are another popular backyard activity. They are called Jump N Splash and come equipped with a pool, slide, and non-slip jumping area. We have small to large inflatables suitable for most back yards.

5 The newest addition to our popular backyard water fun activities is the Foam Party. You’ve got a choice of a large or small foam pit filled with non-toxic foam. Or, we can fill your whole backyard with foam for a Disco Foam Party! Give prizes for the best foam disco dancers.

6 You don’t get wet on it but the last of our water based activities is the Mechanical Surfboard. You’ve seen the mechanical bucking bull ride at the local pub. Well, it’s the same concept only all those budding surfers can try to stay up on a mechanical surfboard.

So, be the envy of your neighbourhood when you have an awesome water fun party that kids love!

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