We should get Sushi Carol

We should get Sushi Carol

Bucking Events CEO, Mark Rubiolo laughs every time he sees the eBay ad with the famous line “We should get sushi Carol“. He ponders whether Carol actually likes sushi? Or, what’s the relationship between the sushi man and Carol?

It forced Mark to think about Bucking Events and how we promote healthy outdoor activity.

AIHW Study

A 2021 study by the Commonwealth’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports our children are literally becoming obese. In fact, 25% of young people aged 2-17 are obese or overweight.  This is because they are eating too many low nutrient foods and sugar sweetened drinks; don’t get enough physical activity; sit or lie too much on the couch; spend too much time in front of a tablet or TV screen instead of playing outside; and, don’t get enough sleep.

So, let’s get back to “We should get sushi Carol“.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, Sushi is a very healthy meal! It’s a good source of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids thanks to the fish it’s made with. Sushi is also low in calories – there’s no added fat. The most common type is nigiri sushi – fingers of sticky rice topped with a small filet of fish or seafood. However, you have to be careful about what sauces are used as they can pile on the calories. And, brown rice is healthier than white rice.

But sushi isn’t going to solve the obesity problem. The other obesity issues centred mainly around physical exercise!

The Australian Department of Health recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise per day.

So, what’s “We should get sushi Carol” and physical exercise got to do with Bucking Events?

As Mark says, we don’t make healthy foods like sushi but we do provide opportunities for active physical play outdoors. Bouncing on a jumping castle, meeting the challenge of an inflatable obstacle course, or playing volleyball on our inflatable beach volleyball arena are all truly physical. If you want to join the war against obesity contact us for physical activity ideas about backyard birthday parties, council family fun days, fetes or corporate events.

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Ideas for Sports Themed Events

Ideas for Sports Events in Sydney

Whether you are a sports club, a social group, a school, or an event organiser wanting to arrange a sports themed event, you may need some new ideas? We want to use this Blog to share with you some of our experiences and ideas for sports themed events.

Junior Footy Club Events

You may be arranging a final year club celebration, or mid season family fun day, or want to attract potential players to your registration day. Or, you may be a feeder school wanting to have a sports themed celebration.

We now have a range of Rugby League Club footy themed jumping castles, 6 in 1 combo’s, and obstacle courses. As seen at many Club home games and fan days, you can choose themes aligned to Bulldogs, Dragons, Eels, Tigers, Panthers, Rabbits, Roosters and Sea Eagles. Just imagine you are a Balmain Tigers aligned junior club. So, you set up a Tiger Obstacle Course and Junior Jumper jumping castle at your club pre season registration day. What a great way to attract players and start the year off with excitement and fun.

Also, at the end of the season, hire a range of footy themed amusements for your presentation day event. You want the players, coaches and families to come back next season. So end this season on a high note with a memorable footy themed event.

Junior Soccer Club Events

We also have sports event ideas for junior soccer clubs. Check out our range of soccer themed products. For your registration day, mid season family fundraiser, or presentation day, you can have the incredible inflatable soccer shootout, the giant soccer darts, billiard soccer, or even an indoor inflatable soccer arena. The latter is great because it’s fully enclosed and the balls just bounce off the walls, and not into neighbour’s gardens. We also have the new Soccer Dome jumping castle. Don’t just kick a ball, play inside one!

During the season, if you want to increase the speed and accuracy of your players kicks, hire the Soccer Radar Challenge. The player kicks the ball to the target, and our radar gun reads the speed. The display tells you how fast the ball was travelling. Also it can be used for cricket and baseball players.

Furthermore, for both footy and soccer fans we also have inflatable target soccer and footy passing, and mini inflatable football passing activities.

If you are having a soccer boot camp or gala day, ask us about our 25m and 20m inflatable soccer fields. We have two of each and they are great for separating players from spectators, and for having dedicated play areas.

NOTE – some of these ideas are also great for junior hockey clubs.

Multi Sports Inflatable Challenge

This completely new Multi-Sport Inflatable Shootouts is a fully inflatable target game. We have banners for soccer, football, baseball, golf and the list goes on. It is offered in different sizes for different sports.  This challenge also features a ball return.

It’s great for school sports days, corporate events, or sports club presentations.

Sports Themed Family Fun Day

Now, here are some other ideas for indoor and outdoor sports themed events.

For indoor sports themed events we have foosball games, pool tables, pinball machines, air hockey and arcade games. We also have some mini jumping castles which can fit into areas where size is an issue.

Also, for outdoor events there are inflatable golf challenges, target shooting, axe throwing, and even an inflatable beach volleyball court.

Fun Runs and Other Ideas

For major events such as fun runs these sports themed ideas may help you.

Why not emulate the stars of The Footy Show and compete in the Ninja Warrior inflatable obstacle course challenge. It’s a challenging fun run with amazing activities such as the Toxic Water Slide, Toxic Wipeout Challenge, he Radical Junior Obstacle course and the incredible Stunt Jump.

Alternatively, have a play area of sports orientated inflatables such as the shootouts, obstacles courses, or team building activities.

These are exciting additions to fetes and festivals, corporate events, and team building courses.

Community Fun Days with a Sports Theme

Australians love sports so why not attract the community to your next fun day event with a sports theme.

Think jumping castles, dry and water slides, combo castles (which have slides, pop ups, inflatable ladders etc). Also consider interactive sports themed games such as the inflatable soccer or footy passing game, the basketball shootout, or the incredible human flywall.

Ideas for Sports Theme Street Parties

Street parties are all the rage these days. Close off the street and make your event memorable with a sports theme. Depending on your budget and play area size, and your imagination, you can have any of the above Bucking Events activities at your street party event.

Finally, we trust that this Blog has stimulated your event planning ideas.


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So, contact Bucking Events for these and even more ideas for sports themed events:

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