Billiard Soccer

For a great sports theme related game there’s Billiard Soccer. If you’re looking for unique team building ideas, this is one of the best! It’s sure to make participants get competitive, team up, as well as work together to win. It is also great for children at school or sports club events.

From our experience, this activity is one of the proven team building ideas that works very well for corporate events. It links the bar atmosphere of playing a game of pool with a fun, creative inflatable variation. Even shy colleagues have a great time working together to win. Through the power of play, billiard soccer can get colleagues to open up, work together and break down the hierarchical and social boundaries that can exist in a corporate environment. Companies that invest in team building ideas for their staff see a direct increase in collaboration and a better social environment at work.

Also, older children have a great time putting strategy and physics at play without realizing they are learning. For instance, using proper angles, inertia, speed and rotation are just a few examples of where this game play becomes educational.

How to Play

If you know the rules of billiards, then the rules of Billiard Soccer are simple. The person or team who pots all their balls first, and the black, wins!

Alternatively, if this activity does not suit, check out our ultimate team building experience Bubble Soccer. If you’ve got the space we’ve got the activity for it.

Why book your Billiard Soccer with Bucking Events?

  • We monitor our installers vehicles via tracking devices to ensure your hire is trouble free.
  • Our inflatables comply with all relevant Australian Standards (AS3533). This includes fire retardant material, anchor points, design and SafeWork requirements (where applicable).
  • Our inflatables are properly anchored to ensure safety.
  • We use quality and correct mats for our entry and exit points.
  • As an extra safety measure, on delivery we will provide you with a wind meter to monitor wind conditions on the day.
  • Our highly trained installers will go through a safety checklist with you before leaving the site.
  • Risk assessments are available for all our products on request.
  • If you are not using one of our staff as a Supervisor, we are the only amusement hire company in the world offering a training video to hirers. Use the video to know how to keep the children safe when you hire and monitor an inflatable yourself.

Bucking Events prides itself on offering a professional service with quality products and professionally trained staff. We want your experience with us to be fun, safe and trouble free.

The friendly staff at Bucking Events are always happy to answer your questions or help you with ideas to make your event more successful. Contact us now to book Billiard Soccer or to discuss other team building and event ideas.


Space required
4.5m W x 7m W x 0.65m H

Power required
Standard Power Supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

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4 hours – $395
7 hours – $455

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4 hours – $455
7 hours – $555


4 hours – $510
7 hours – $610

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing


4 hours – $555
7 hours – $655


4 hours – $610
7 hours – $710


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