Confetti Cannon/Streamer Cannon for Hire in Sydney

Ideal for weddings, award ceremonies or product launches, this double barrel Confetti Cannon produces an immediate effect for a real surprise factor.  A confetti cannon for hire in Sydney is hard to come by. You have definitely found the right company to trust with these 2 seconds of your event. The Confetti Cannon uses a charge of compressed air to fire confetti or streamers at a key moment in an event.  For best effects, cannons can be positioned on a stage set or attached to lighting brackets and triggered from a central control point.

How it works

The basics:

  • We preload the double barrel cannons with confetti or streamers
  • You set up the cannon where you wish it to shoot,
  • Connect an extension lead but do not plug it in
  • Wait for that special moment
  • Connect the extension lead to power and
  • Poof! Confetti/streamers propelled into the air.


Cannons propel the confetti approximately 12.2m and streamers 19 – 22m into the air. However, please call or email us to find out what coloured confetti and streamers we have in stock. If you would like specific colours of confetti or streamers, we can order this for an additional charge. Since the units are electronically fired, they can be connected via extension leads to allow single or multiple shots. It means both cannons connected to the same extension lead ensure they shoot at the same time. amazingly, they can create a fountain effect (“wall of confetti”) or a waterfall effect if placed on speaker stacks.

Also, for other event ideas check out our extensive range of inflatables. In addition, we have carnival food such as sno cones and fairy floss to add excitement to your event.

Why you should book with us

Bucking Events is a subsidiary of our parent company Bubbling With Energy.  We have been in operation for over 27 years. We are Sydney’s largest professional amusement hire company for inflatables and other entertainment apparatus. For the safety and security of your event, book with us because:

  • We monitor our installers vehicles via tracking devices to ensure your hire is trouble free.
  • Our equipment complies with all relevant Australian Standards (AS3533). This includes fire retardant material, anchor points, design and SafeWork requirements (where applicable).
  • Our amusement devices are properly anchored to ensure safety.
  • Our amusement devices are SafeWork NSW registered. This requires us to have the mechanism and electricals inspected by engineers each year.
  • We only use the correct matting at entry and exit points as required by SafeWork NSW.
  • All staff have working with children checks.
  • Also, risk assessments are available upon request for all our products.

Bucking Events prides itself on offering a professional service with quality products and professionally trained staff.  Above all, we want your experience with us to be fun, safe and trouble free.

The journey starts here. Book now.


Space required
L: 61cm x H: 40cm x W: 20cm (per Unit), 5.08cm diameter barrel

Power required
Standard power supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a backyard party? CLICK HERE

Backyard Party Pricing

$475  –  Double barrel, one shot.
Delivery  –  Extra

Not a school, charity or sports club? CLICK HERE

Schools, charity & sports club pricing

$475  –  Double barrel, one shot.
Delivery  –  Extra

Not a corporate? CLICK HERE

Corporate Pricing

$500  –  Double barrel, one shot.
Delivery  –  Extra

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