Small Gladiator Duel Arena for Hire in Sydney

In the Small Gladiator Duel Arena you can pretend you are in the movie, “The Gladiator” and yell, ‘Are you not entertained?’ as you knock your opponent off their platform. Consider this, our slightly smaller version of the gladiator duel, if space is a concern. Take yourself back to the Roman days where gladiators would duel for the entertainment of the Coliseum audience. Whatever the occasion, a gladiator duel hire is sure to be a hit, literally.

Great for team building and getting colleagues to open up and have some fun. Similarly, it is great for teenagers who want to release some aggression in a gentle way with their friends! Customers opt for the gladiator duel hire for their 21st birthday parties, corporate events and school events.

Stand on top of your podium and try to push your friend off the other with your soft weapon. But first, put on the padded protection helmets. Whoever knocks their opponent off of the podium first is the winner.

We provide soft mats for around the outside of the inflatable if requested.

If you have a little more room, we suggest booking the larger gladiator inflatable.



80cm wide with no steps to the set up area.

Space required
L 7m x W 5m x H 3m

Power required
Standard power supply.


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Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

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Backyard Party Pricing

Supervised Only:

2 hours – $595
3 hours – $695
4 hours – $795

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Not a school, charity or sports club?

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Supervised Only:

2 hours – $655
3 hours – $765
4 hours – $875

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Corporate Pricing

Supervised Only:

2 hours – $745
3 hours – $850
4 hours – $955

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