Human Fly Wall for Hire in Sydney

Run, Jump, Stick… to the wall like a fly, with our Human Fly Wall inflatable. Defy gravity thanks to the 1 of 6 sized suits, that are made out of Velcro, that you will be wearing as you attempt this feat. The wall you jump onto is made of the other side of the Velcro.

Also known as the Sticky Velcro Wall, our version is a bit different.  Ours is enclosed with bumpers on the side. It also has a running platform as well as a bouncy launching pad to leap upon the wall.

The Human Fly Wall inflatable is great for events that are looking for something a different or off beat.  Is this your kind of private functions, school fete, or corporate event? Also, See our other interactive games.

80cm wide with no steps to the set up area

Space required
Length 7m x Width 5m x Height 4m

Power required
Standard power supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a backyard party?

Backyard Party Pricing

Supervised Only:

2 hours – $625
3 hours – $725
4 hours – $825

Not a school, charity or sports club?

Schools, charity & sports club pricing

Supervised Only:

2 hours – $695
3 hours – $825
4 hours – $925

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing

Supervised Only:

2 hours – $755
3 hours – $855
4 hours – $955

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