Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall for Hire in Sydney

The Inflatable Rock Climbing wall is a bright, entertaining inflatable that will keep participants entertained throughout your event. We love bringing the exhilaration to your event that only a rock climbing wall can. With high demand for our extremely popular Rock Climbing Wall, it seemed inevitable we add an inflatable option.

It is suitable for children over 1 metre tall and can take up to 110 kilograms in weight. The Wall holds 4 climbers at a time. We have 12 harnesses and 4 automatic belays.  While the children are on the wall, the next climbers gear up in the extra harnesses. While they await their turn they receive safety instruction as well which reduces the overall waiting.

From corporate events, backyard parties, and any other gathering, our Rock Climbing Walls have always been the star attraction. Pair a Wall with another inflatable, like a bouncy castle, for a full day of entertainment.

Looking for some jumping castle options? Here are some medium bouncy castle options.

Space required
8m W x 8m L x 7.5m H


Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a backyard party?

Backyard Party Pricing

Supervised only:

2 hours – $990
3 hours – $1,190
4 hours – $1,390

Not a school, charity or sports club?

Schools, charity & sports club pricing

Supervised only:

2 hours – $1,100
3 hours – $1,320
4 hours – $1,540

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing

Supervised only:

2 hours – $1,200
3 hours – $1,440
4 hours – $1,660

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