Large Monkey Dual Lane Slide for Hire in Sydney

The Large Monkey Dual Lane Slide is a high-quality inflatable from the 90s, made in the UK. It is a reliable addition to any event, guaranteed to bring plenty of fun. This amazing, eye-catching unit will give every thrill-seeking kid a turn with its flowing layout. So grab a friend and have a seat atop our safety-compliant slide platform and slide down the extra wide lane. Customers have hired this inflatable slide at schools, churches, basketball courts, local halls, corporate events, sports presentation days and many more.

This large inflatable slide hire option may not be as extreme as the Sabre Tooth Tiger Slide, but it will provide the younger kids with an adrenaline kick they’ve never felt before as they plunge down the lane.  One entry and exit to the inflatable are at either side to ensure the traffic flows continuously without collisions.

It’s the perfect unit for medium to large events that want a larger number of patrons to have a turn. This inflatable is great for larger events as it can accommodate for over 250 people per hour. The last thing you want at your event is long line ups.

Safety features include netting to prevent children from jumping from the top, high inflatable sides, safety bumper at the foot, and a constant flow layout.


Requirements to properly set up this inflatable at your event:

  • An area of 18 m length x 9 m width and 5 m height
  • A standard power supply within 20 metres of the setup area
  • Direct access to the setup site

Our trusted delivery drivers install your inflatable on the grass with pegs or concrete with weights. Please let us know the setup surface when booking so that we can send the proper anchoring devices with our drivers.

Looking for something else? Check out our wet slides, other dry slides or all of our jumping castles with slides. Lastly, whatever slide you choose, we guarantee your children will have a blast.

We just require direct vehicle access to the set up area. If you don't have the minimum access please contact us on 98298929 to discuss alternatives.

Space required
L 18m x W 9m x H 5m

Power required
Standard power supply.


Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a backyard party?

Backyard Party Pricing


4 Hours – $825
7 Hours – $925
Overnight – $1130

Not a school, charity or sports club?

Schools, charity & sports club pricing


2 Hours – $1025
3 Hours – $1135
4 Hours – $1235
5 Hours – $1335
6 Hours – $1435
7 Hours – $1535

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing


2 Hours – $1050
3 Hours – $1165
4 Hours – $1275
5 Hours – $1395
6 Hours – $1515
7 Hours – $1625

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