Mechanical Football for Hire in Sydney (Corporate)

Ride the best Mechanical Football Sydney-wide!  The Football is moved via a joystick experienced operators to maintain safety and fun throughout the ride.  It will take you on the ride of your life!

What is a Mechanical Football?

The rider gets the sensation that they are riding on a football on this machine-operated ride.  The operator adjusts the speed and movement of the Football to the rider’s ability. The rider attempts to stay upon and ride the Mechanical Football for as long as they can.  Don’t worry if the dismount happens a bit too soon! The rider falls onto the inflatable ring installed around the Football.

This ride is great for every occasion including school functions, football presentations, sporting events and as a Game Day attraction for NRL, AFL and rugby.

Who Should ride the Mechanical Football?

We suggest riders be age 8 years and older, and be able to mount the Football without help. Our experienced supervisors will only operate the ride to a speed appropriate to the ability of the rider. These rules are to ensure it is a safe ride.

Our operators want to your guests and colleagues enjoy their Mechanical Football experience. We want to ensure everyone feels comfortable and also has a fun filled time.


Requirements to properly set up at your event:

  • Space: area of 6m length x 6m width and 2.7m height
  • Access: leading to setup area must be 1 metre wide, preferably have no stairs
  • Power: standard power supply, or we supply a generator for additional charge


For adult hires, Bucking Events will provide ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristbands free of charge.

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Choose your party type

Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

Not a backyard party?

Backyard Party Pricing

2 Hours $625

3 hours $725

4 hours $825

Not a school, charity or sports club?

Schools, charity & sports club pricing

2 Hours $850

3 Hours $975

4 Hours $1105

Not a corporate?

Corporate Pricing

2 Hours $925

3 Hours $1025

4 Hours $1125

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