Toxic Wipe Out Challenge

Toxic Wipe Out Challenge is a brand new inflatable challenge.  Knowing our affinity for obstacle courses, this seems almost inevitable once we saw the TV program “Wipeout!” Well, now you can test your skills with our new Toxic Wipe Out Challenge, inspired by the Wipeout obstacle challenge. Bucking Events’ newest arrival will be a guaranteed hit at your next party or event.

This will provide entertainment for everyone. Even if you don’t physically participate, being a spectator for this sport is half of the fun! Specifically designed to challenge and amuse, the Toxic Wipe Out Challenge is not only fun and entertaining for the participants, but exciting for spectators, too.

We recommend the Toxic Wipe Out Challenge for birthday parties, team building events, family fun days, school and church fetes, neighbourhood block parties, university open day events and so much more. This obstacle challenge is suitable for all ages.

How Toxic Wipe Out Challenge Works

This thrilling new challenge features a series of three inflatable gray balls in which participants must make their way nimbly across to the other side of without falling off. First, they must climb up the ladder onto one of the platforms; then attempt to jump, run or hop over the toxic balls and make it to the opposite platform. In true ‘Wipeout’ fashion there are going to be some spectacular face plants, bounces, and awkward expressions.

Worried about falling? Don’t be – we have a unique patented fall zone designed with modern technology to absorb all sorts of awkward falls. So challenge all of your friends, colleagues or family members to the Toxic Wipe Out Challenge.

Accompany the Toxic Wipe Out Challenge with some of our obstacle courses to bring your event to life. We have something for all backyard and event sizes.

Why book with Bucking Events?

  • We monitor our installers vehicles via tracking devices to ensure your hire is trouble free.
  • Our jumping castles comply with all relevant Australian Standards (AS3533). This includes fire retardant material, anchor points, design and SafeWork requirements (where applicable).
  • Our inflatables are properly anchored to ensure safety.
  • We use quality and correct mats for our entry and exit points.
  • As an extra safety measure, on delivery we will provide you with a wind meter to monitor wind conditions on the day.
  • Our highly trained installers will go through a safety checklist with you before leaving the site.
  • All staff have working with children checks.
  • For adult hires, Bucking Events will provide ‘Ride at your own risk’ wristbands, free of charge.
  • Risk assessments are available for all our products on request.
  • If you are not using one of our staff as a Supervisor, we are the only amusement hire company in the world offering a training video to hirers. The video allows you to know how to keep the children safe when you hire and monitor an inflatable yourself.

Bucking Events prides itself on offering a professional service with quality products and professionally trained staff. We want your experience with us to be fun, safe and trouble free.

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1.5m wide with no steps to the set up area.

Space required
13.5m L x 8m W x 4m W

Power required
Standard power supply.


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Backyard PartySchools, charities & sports clubsCorporate

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4 hours – $725
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2 hours – $725
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Each hour thereafter – $150

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2 hours – $825
3 hours – $975
4 hours – $1,125
Each hour thereafter – $150

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